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The Wanderer, released 2012
Author: Khalil Gibran

Publisher: Penguin India
ISBN: 978-8170287612
Pages: 110
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This collection of parables and drawings, completed shortly before Gibran's death in 1931, is in many ways a crystallization of the poet's entire message. It is as though, as his life drew to a close, he turned more and more towards his childhood and his youth, recalling not only the mood and atmosphere of his birthplace but also his native mode of thought and phraseology. Thus the fifty or more tales of which this volume is composed are woven of the very fabric of the East. "The Wanderer's" philosophy, born out of the bitterness of his days and the dust and patience of his road, has in it the rare power to console and inspire. Seven plates are reproduced from drawings down by the author.
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