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OK Now, Who's My Santa?
Author: Vaishnavi Nair K.

Publisher: Authorspress
ISBN: 978-9352072217
Pages: 200
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The world's luckiest people work at Infinity Inc., the best technology firm in the world. Or so they say. But even amidst the beanbags, theatre groups, free food and holiday parties, its 22-year-old employee Annika Pillai has a list of #FirstWorldWishes for Santa this year:

a) A new job (her current one requires an amoeba's intelligence)

b) Um, new hair? (present haircut looks sheared as opposed to styled)

c) Trip her manager (that phony airhead)

d) And maybe, hopefully, oh please real Santa, uncover who's her Secret Santa (the person who's transforming her life, she's passing right by, and can recognize only through his anonymous notes!)

OK Now, Who's My Santa? is an insider account of the happiness and heartache, mayhem and mystery, anxiety and anticipation, in a Secret Santa game played at Infinity Inc. Everyone wants to find their Santas, but sometimes, what should be found... could lie within?