Author In Focus (Leela Mazumdar)

Leela Mazumdar
Leela Majumdar was born on February 26, 1908 in Calcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India. She was a writer, known for Padi Pishir Barmi Baksha (1972) and Heerer Prajapati (1968). She died on April 5, 2007 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Amongst the many female literary figures who emerged in the 20th century, Lila Majumdar is celebrated across Bengali households for her distinctive stories. Even though the Bengali Renaissance movement brought with itself some unique cultural, social and intellectual advances, it remained largely male-dominated in its approach. Being born within extraordinary literary luminaries of the Ray family, Lila Majumdar made a name for herself in the world of Bengali literature. Although she is often remembered for her extraordinary children’s stories, her creative musings as an adult novelist, detective and supernatural story writer, illustrator and a cookbook author all make her a versatile writer.

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Rachana Samagra : vol 2
Description : A collection of Writings by the author, Volume 2
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Description : To be Updated
Aar Konokhane
Description : রায় বাড়ির কন্যা উপেন্দ্রকিশোর রায়...
Description : To Be Updated
Leela Mazumdar Rachana Samagra 1
Description : Collection of novels by the author
Podipisir Bormi Baksho
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