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Nabanita Debsen
Nabaneeta Dev Sen (Nôbonita Deb Sen) (13 January 1938 – 7 November 2019) was an Indian writer and academic. After studying arts and comparative literature, she moved to US where she studied further. She returned to India and taught at several universities and institutes as well as served on various positions in literary institutes. She published more than 80 books in Bengali: poetry, novels, short stories, plays, literary criticism, personal essays, travelogues, humour writing, translations and children's literature. She was awarded the Padma Shri in 2000 and the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1999.

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Bhraman Samagra Part 2
Description : Bhraman Samagra Part 2 (Bengali) Hardcover by Nabaneeta Dev Sen
Bhraman Samagra Part 1
Description : Bhraman Samagra Part 1 (Bengali) Hardcover by Nabaneeta Dev Sen
Nabanita Debsen..Golposamgra 4
Description : A collection of stories by the author
Nabanita Debsen..Golposamgra 3
Description : A collection of stories by Nanbanita Debsen
Nabanita Debsen..Golposamgra 1
Description : A collection of Nabanita s Stories
Nabanita Debsen..Golposamgra 2
Description : Collection of stories of the author
Bhalobasa-R Baranda
Description : A biographical sketch of the author published in Robibasoriya now in a book form
Nabanita_r Noteboi
Description : To Be Updated
Nati Nabanita
Description :
Shabda Pore Tapur Tupur
Description :
Author : Nabanita Debsen
Publisher :
Description :
Nabanita Deb Sen : Kishore Sahitya
Description : To be updated.
Panchti Upanyas
Description : Nabanita Debsen is unique in her style of writing–mystic,full of humour and bubbling with experien...