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The Wellness Sense : A Practical Guide to Your Physical and Emotional Health Based on Ayurvedic and Yogic Wisdom
Author: Om Swami

Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-9351772620
Pages: 245
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Bringing mind, body and soul in sync is the perfect ingredient for sound health. To do this, one needs to inculcate methods which detoxify the body and mind of all the toxins. Om Swami’s “The Wellness Sense” is a guide to physical and emotional health backed by ayurvedic and yogic wisdom, which may set a person’s life back on track. It is basically about erasing psychic imprints from one’s mind and start afresh again, living life to the fullest without any unwanted thoughts haunting the mind. The writer explains the connection between the food one eats and their mind, to guide the readers on how to mend their habits through the different processes to achieve the desired result.

The book transforms the readers from a person seeking for answers from the outside into an individual who is able to identify emotional turmoil, and solving them solely. Om Swami shares his life’s wisdom in an easy-to-understand guide which puts the mind at calm. The intellectual yogi lives in complete seclusion,and he gave up his multi-million dollar company in San Francisco, New York and many more international locations.

The guidebook published by Harper Elements sets one on course for a beautiful mind, body and soul. Thanks to the perfect blend of Ayurveda, yoga and tantra and modern science “The Wellness Sense” motivates the readers to take care of self.
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