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The Leap, released May 2018
Author: Nita Bajoria

Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 978-1981052417
Pages: 302
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The Leap, is a social science fiction. Set in the present time, with many flashbacks, the story is told in the context of The Red Planet Project, a private non-profit venture to establish a permanent settlement on Mars. The Leap is at once a character-driven story primarily of the settler candidates, through their personal histories and interactions with each other and their families.

Reviews :
The newest entry in the library of science fiction novels about Mars written over the last century and a quarter is by Indian author Nita Bajoria. I highly recommend this interesting novel if for no other reason, then that it is different from the usual gadget-driven, technology-obsessed, or pure fantasy fare that is, in my view, all too common in science fiction today. MS Bajoria’s characters are real, fully developed human beings with all the complexities and contradictions that accompany their humanity. The reader will enjoy meeting them.

-Doug Turnbull, Award-winning science fiction author, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the beautiful language. The author has touched on a topic that we choose to ignore - the mass extinction of the human race, and the importance of exploring the possibility of setting up home on another planet. Dr. Albert Tyorkin starts experimenting such a mission, and the book takes us through the trials and tribulations of setting up the project, choosing the participants as well as dealing with objections from the media.
By entwining the stories of the characters which are selected from different countries and backgrounds for this mission, Nita Bajoria has kept the reader engaged by their different backstories and reasons for wanting a one-way ticket to another planet. Touching and gripping.
- Anjali Mittal ( Author)
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