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Good Wives
Author: LouisaMay Alcott

Publisher: Vintage Children's Classics
ISBN: 978-0099573692
Pages: 464
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Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy have grown up together in Orchard House with their friend Laurie next door and now it's time for them to go out and find their places in the big wide world, to do the great and marvelous things they've dreamed of and discover their 'castles in the air'. They each find themselves tested and fall in love, but when tragedy strikes they find their best comfort is in each other and home

The sequel to Little Women - guaranteed to make you laugh and cry!


"Six generations of readers have found in the story of the March family universal truths about girls, families and growing up" (Guardian)

"Deals with life's big questions - love and death, war and peace, and ambition versus family responsibility - in a way that is inspiring and realistic. Use a hankie as a bookmark - tears are guaranteed" (Marie Claire)

"Good Wives is a glorious weep-a-minute...a more complex narrative that follows each of the girls' journeys, real or metaphorical, away from the parental home" (Independent)

"So what makes these different to any other set of classics? In a moment of inspiration Random House had the bright idea of actually asking Key stage 2 children what extra ingredients they could add to make children want to read. And does it work? Well, put it this 13-year-old daughter announced that she had to read a book over the summer holiday and, without any prompting, spotted The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas...and proceeded to read it! Now, if you knew my 13-year-old daughter, you would realise that this is quite remarkable. She reads texts, blogs and tags by the thousand - but this is the first book she has read since going to high school, so all hail Vintage Classics!" (National Association for the Teaching of English)
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