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Get Better at Getting Better
Author: Chandramouli Venkatesan

Publisher: Penguin Portfolio
ISBN: 978-0670092161
Pages: 248
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What makes people succeed? Why do some people succeed, while others struggle despite working hard? This book is based on the insight that success is not about how good you are but how powerful a model you have to improve how good you are. Chandramouli Venkatesan calls it the get-better model, or gbm. Successful people are those who are able to build a powerful gbm to continuously improve themselves, and this book will show you how to do it. A gbm is made up of four key components and these must be practised deliberately for getting better-getting better by yourself; getting better by leveraging others; making others get better; and making and implementing a get-better plan. This powerful and life-changing book thus shows how you can constantly get better to unlock your potential at work and in life.

Lucid, practical and logical, this book is a great guide on getting better, every day (Bharat Puri)

I encourage readers to not just read this book but also internalize the concept and apply it consciously. Get Better at Getting Better has the potential to change you for good-and make you the best that you can be (Anand Kripalu)

I have heard of Kaizen and continuous improvement for machines and processes and always wondered why there was no Kaizen process for human beings. This book is the answer to that (Harsh Mariwala)

Everyone wants to get ahead; a few want to get better. The ones who get better always get ahead. Mouli's book tells us how all of us can get better (Shiv Shivakumar)

You don't grow in an organization by just delivering results. You need to continuously get better. Mouli's book makes you realize that and gives you the strategies to get better (Piyush Pandey)
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