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Ami Sirajer Begum
Author: Sree Parabat

Publisher: Dey's Publishing
ISBN: 9789388351492
Pages: 120
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The story is set against the backdrop of 18th century Bengal when Nabab Siraj-ud-daulah, notably the last independent ruler of the kingdom of Bengal sat on the throne succeeding his maternal grandfather Nabab Ali Bordi Khan and ruled amid various political political tension, aggression and anarchy on part of the English, betrayal on part of close relatives (like his elder maternal aunt Ghoseti Begum) and his chief military advisor Mir Jafar, and various other struggles on account of the crown of Bengal. In such a situation, the story Ami Sirajer Begum upholds, as per the narrative by Sree Parabat in his famous book "Ami Sirajer Begum", how Siraj falls in love with a maid Lutfa and how she becomes capable of becoming the Nabab's wife, Begum Lutfunnisa and how she stands by the Nabab as his main support against all odds under diverse circumstances.