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Managing for the Future: The 1990s and Beyond
Author: Peter F Drucker

Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 978-1422123126
Pages: 365
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This is an edited collection of articles written by Drucker for the "Wall Street Journal", the "Harvard Business Review" and other quality business publications. The author writes with insight about the critical issues facing managers in the 1990s: the world economic order; people at work; new trends in management and the governance of organizations. Born in Vienna in 1909, Peter F. Drucker was educated in Austria and England. From 1929 he was a newspaper correspondent abroad and an economist for an international bank in London. Since 1937 he has been in the United States, first as an economist for a group of British banks and insurance companies, and later as a management consultant to several of the country's largest companies, as well as to leading companies abroad. Drucker has since had a distinguished career as a teacher and academic. Since 1971 he has been Clark Professor of Social Science at Claremont Graduate School in California.
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