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Dealing with the Customer from Hell: A Survival Guide
Author: Shaun Belding

Publisher: Kogan Page
ISBN: 978-0749444518
Pages: 160
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They yell and shout, and try to intimidate. They're belligerent, abusive and condescending. They whine and demand inordinate amounts of time, pushing buttons and raising blood pressure. Who are they? They're the customers from hell. They may represent just a small proportion of the people a company does business with, but this tiny group can have a big effect on a workforce.

Dealing with the Customer from Hell introduces realistic, practical and compelling strategies for working with those 'very special people' who drive everyone mad. It shows anyone how to listen to their customer, echo the issue, sympathize, and respond with a win-win solution.

Whether the customer is on the telephone, in person, in the office or on the sales floor, Dealing with the Customer from Hell shows how to consistently take away the stress and create a result that works for everyone.