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The Ragamuffin Mystery
Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN: 978-1444952698
Pages: 125
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The Barney Mysteries Book 6
What does the secret code in the letter mean? How Roger, Diana and Barney laugh to see Snubby looking like a ragamuffin! But no one laughs when they hear a bearded man has snatched away Snubby's letter. The bearded stranger is masquerading as an expert on rare birds. Where has he come from? What is he up to? And why is the letter so important to him? They must find out,but it may already be too late...Barney, Roger, Diana and Snubby love solving mysteries and this is their sixth and last adventure! The Barney series (also called the Barney 'R' Mysteries because each title begins with the letter R) is all about siblings Roger and Diana Lynton, their cousin Snubby and their circus friend Barney. Together, the four, along with their pets Miranda the monkey and Loony the spaniel, embark on all sorts of adventures - from cracking curious cases to busting smuggling rackets.