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Fit at Last :Look and Feel Better Once and for All
Author: Ken Blanchard

Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-1626561281
Pages: 224
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In Fit at Last, bestselling business author Ken Blanchard and fitness expert Tim Kearin tell how Ken was finally able, at age seventy-three, to make lasting improvements in his health, including dropping over thirty pounds in a year. In each chapter, Ken shares the very personal story of his ups and downs, a story that involves, among other things, a puppy, a Hawaiian tour bus full of widows and a fifty-year college reunion, while Tim gives professional health advice and training wisdom. Of course, Ken has been helping organizations get healthy for years and early on he realized he could adapt those same techniques in his own efforts. He shows how readers can use his Situational Leadership II approach to determine their developmental level in each of the fitness areas, Tim describes and decide what type of leadership they need to move to the next level. Ultimately this is a book about commitment. People fail to get fit not because they don't know what to do but because they just don't do it. Using the tools in this book, you'll be able to develop and stick to a fitness program that will add a spring to your step, a smile to your face and years to your life.