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Bhagya Rekha
Author: Bhishma Sahni

Publisher: Rajkamal Prakashan
ISBN: ‎ 978-8126729579
Pages: 104
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'Bhagya Rekha' is Bhishma Sahni's first story-collection, with which he stepped into the field of literature. This collection, published in the year 1953, gave him an identity in the literary world; Through which the Hindi society realized the power of smooth flow in the story. The 'I' of Bhishma ji's stories also never gives the impression of being the author's representative, his oneness with the characters and their reality, which may be maintained only by very deep neutrality, can be marked in very few writers. There are many such stories in this collection which mark the deep human understanding of Bhishma ji and there are some which also awaken in the mind of the reader a sense of fullness towards the inhumanity of the contemporary society. For example, 'Cricket Match' in which the estrangement between husband and wife relations has been brought out with such skill that even without saying much, the story inspires us to be critical of the role of women as the keeper of the home and family. 'Neeli Aankhen' very pathetically expresses the love of the marginalized section and the intolerant middle class attitude towards them in the urban background. Needless to say, readers who are fond of Bhishma Sahni will find this collection invaluable.
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