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Podipisir Bormi Baksho
Author: Leela Mazumdar

Publisher: Lal Mati
ISBN: Lalmati Prakashan
Pages: 125
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hoka is a schoolboy who goes to his uncle's house, where he learns about the tales of Padi Pishi (Aunt Padi), a formidable widow. She had once went to Khuro's house to meet him, but bandits attacked her. When Khuro got to know about it, he offered her bribes from his loot so that the news would not be public. Padi Pishi then took a precious Burmese box that was hidden in Khuro's house. Before Padi's Pishi's death, she did not reveal the hiding place to anyone except her son Goja. The entire family searched for the missing box but could not recover it. A private detective also searched for the box but cannot find it. The story is about how it is finally discovered.