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Faking it
Author: Amrita Chowdhury

Publisher: Hachette
ISBN: 978-81-906173-2-1
Pages: 340
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Finance expert, Tara Malhotra, forced to quit her job and follow her husband on a job promotion and transfer back from the States and hating every minute of it,decides to bring some excitement into her empty, high-society Mumbai life by indulging her taste for contemporary Indian art. Determined to setup an art gallery of her own she sets about acquiring the perfect trophy piece to set off her collection.

So when the charismatic Roy Jordan tells her about an exquisite, recently - stumbled-upon work by the legendary artist, Amrita Sher - Gil, she set sher heartand all her savings on acquiring it...

But the painting is not what it is trumped up to be. Faced with a depleted bank balance, a crumbling marriage, and the ignominy of being duped, Tara is determined to expose the man who swindled her And in the process stumbles head long into the unsavoury goings-on that dog the world of contemporary Indian art.
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