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Folk Tales of the British Isles
Author: Kevin Crossley Holland

Publisher: Pantheon
ISBN: 978-0394755533
Pages: 368
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In this collection, Kevin Crossley-Holland tells a number of folktales from across the British Isles including areas which have primarily Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon heritage. The stories are broken up into categories (fairies, animal tales, ghosts, enchantment, etc), and the introduction to each section describes the sources for each story included in that section. This collection is a great collection for the whole family to enjoy but it also is of use to those studying the mythology and culture of the various peoples who settled these islands. Some of the stories connect quite strongly with Norse myth. Others connect quite strongly with Celtic myth. I particularly found the bibliography helpful. While I own several books in that bibliography, I expect to find it useful in further fleshing out my folklore collection. Bibliographies are somewhat rare in these sorts of books so it is well appreciated here. Highly recommended.