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India's Unending Journey
Author: Mark Tully

Publisher: Rider Books
ISBN: 978-1-84-604017-7
Pages: 278
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"Tully challenges the preconceptions others have about this land of contrasts, as well as those India has about itself. In doing so, he beautifully brings the country and its people to life.Daily express. Born in India and educated in Britain, Mark Tully is a citizen of two countries and two cultures, both of which have shaped his thinking and given him a unique perspective on the world today. In this thoughtful and remarkable book, he shares the formative experiences of his upbringing, his early vocation as a priest, his distinguished broadcasting career and his fascination for India's tradition, as well as its modern way of doing things. India is changing very fast and will soon become one of the world's most influential nations, alongside China and America. As one of the subcontinents's pre-eminent commentators, there can be no better guide to its ways than Mark Tully. In fascinating, accessible style, he shows us the many lessons he has learned from India and, most importantly, what he believes India has yet to teach us about the way we deal with economic growth and poverty relief, environmental issues, education, management and democracy. As he explains, India's journey is the journey of us all, towards a future in which we must draw deeply upon our spiritual and material resources, and strive to find a balance in the face of uncertainty."