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Make The Corpse Walk
Author: James Hadley Chase

Publisher: Mastermind Books
Pages: 208
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Money buys everything´┐Żor at least, that's what eccentric millionaire Kester Weidmann believed. So when his brother died, Kester figured all he had to was buy the servicesof a Voodoo expert and bring him back to life, But first he had to find a voodoo expert. And for that he employed Rollo- a small-time operator who used the Gilded Lily Club as a front Rollo thought he had it made-it would be the con trick of the century. But he was reckoning without the interference of Celie, his smouldering Creole mistress, and Butch, the club muscle-man, who both decided that Weidmann's fortune was worth a heck of a lot more than Rollo's flabby neck´┐Ż