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Adrian Mole: The Cappuccino Years
Author: Sue Townsend

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0-140-27940-7
Pages: 390
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Adrian Mole (aged 30), of course is the main character. He is pretentious and not very clever, and is always worrying. He has two sons who are both very likeable: William who is three and Glenn who is twelve (but at the beginning of the book Adrian chooses to ignore the fact that he is possibly his father and doesn't know him at all). Pandora who is now the labour MP for Leistershire and was Adrian's childhood love is still around, and Adrian still adores her. Adrian's parents and Pandora's parents are very important too, as is Adrian's teenage sister Rosie. A lot of things happen in this book and all are hilarious: Pandora's father falls in love with Adrian's mother and moves into the house so Adrian's father leaves and moves into Pandora's mother's house. Adrian is selected to be on a TV cooking programme called 'Offaly Good' and is well-known as the most boring celebrity. These are just some of the messes that he gets into.