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Nani A. Palkhivala- A Life
Author: M V Kamath

Publisher: Hay House
ISBN: 819041690-1
Pages: 524
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A comprehensive and insightful biography of one of modern Indias towering public figures... Nani A. Palkhivala was an ardent defender of the Constitution, a champion of civil liberties, a farsighted economic thinker and a legendary lawyer. In this illuminating and finely detailed voulme, M. V. Kamath has synthesized the various sides of this kaleidoscopic personality to delivr the definitive biography of one of Indias most committed intellectuals. Nani was best known for the brilliant oratory of his budget speeches. Several generations of Indians benefited not only from his pierciing analysis of the tax structure, but also from his insights into the state of the nations economy.But Nani was more than an orator. As a constitutional lawyer, Nani, in effect, single-handedly defended the Constitution - and the citizens it protects: in fighting to limit Parliaments amending powerof the basic structure of the Constitution, he defended the fundamentl rights of every Indian