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Rupa Supernatural Omnibus
Author: Ruskin Bond

Publisher: Rupa & Co
ISBN: 81-291-0810-0
Pages: 303
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A spine-tingling collection from master anthologiser, Ruskin Bond, brings together the best of the fantastic and bizarre. Far from being mere ghostly tales, these stories focus on the truly uncanny, that feeling of being watched when you're alone, unexplained appearances - and disappearances, legends about vampirism handed down through generations. From sleepy little English towns, to exotic beaches in Hawaii, an Indian hill-station to the wild Irish moors come tales that are whispered at night , around camp-fires, passed from traveller to traveller, stories from all corners of the world recounted by people who have witnessed the eerie power of the supernatural.

Apart from sleepless nights and hair-raising moments, this omnibus is a fitting tribute to the power of words to make our imaginations run wild, to the fascinating sway that the unknown has always had over us.