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Author: Shobhaa De

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0-14-303274-7
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They were beautiful, wealthy and sought after. They were sisters and they were at war. When her parents die in an air crash, Mikki Hiralal suddenly finds herself the owner of the sprawling Hiralal industrial empire. Abandoning her studies in the United States, she returns to Bombay, onlyto find her father's business affairs in a mess. Almost bankrupt, beset on all sides by creditors, takeover tycoons and unreliable associates, Miki realizes there is only one person she can turn to for help--the beautiful Alisha, her father's illegitimate daughter. There is only one hitch: Alisha hates Mikki.... In her new novel, set in the corrupt world of big business, Shobha De, the bestselling author of Socialite Evenings and Starry Nights, tells an engrossing story of two womenwho play for veryhighstakes, driven by ambition, lust, greed and hate.