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The Bourne Betrayal
Author: Robert Ludlum

Publisher: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-7528-8213-0
Pages: 483
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Already devastated by loss, Bourne is shattered by a report that hislast friend in the world, Martin Lindros has gone missing. A CI deputydirector, Lindros was in Ethiopia tracking suspicious shipments of yellowcake uranium and atomic bombweaponry. His last lifeline to humanity, Bourne will not let Lindrosgo. Despite his hatred for CI, Bourne sets out to rescue his friendand finish the job: dismantling a terrorist network determined to buildnuclear armaments by cutting off their source of money. But Bournedoesn't realize that these men, Islamic supremacists, are leaders of anincredibly dangerous, technologically savvy group with ties fromAfrica, across the Middle East, and into Eastern Europe and Russia . They have predicted Bourne's every move, and are counting on his unwitting help in their plans to destroy America .