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The Dot. Bomb Survival Gide
Author: Sean Carton

Publisher: Mcgraw Hill
ISBN: 0-07-137779-4
Pages: 269
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While the Internet industry went on a 5-year bender, regular folks had their own lives to lead, their own priorities, their own friends to talk to. People didn't love the Net because it let them shop in their underwear. They loved the Net because it let them talk to other people, gave them a voice, and let them do their own thing in a public space that had never before existed. The Internet attracted people not because they got horny from the technology but because they could connect. Why did so many [dot.coms] fail? How could so many have missed the obvious? How could so many (seemingly) smart people be so wrong? Were we all just insanely stupid? Was the New Economy simply the biggest scam in history?. . . The book you're holding in your hands just might have the answers to these questions.