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The Elephant Paradigm - India Wrestles With Change
Author: Gurcharan Das

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0-14-302910-X
Pages: 300
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The Elephant Paradigm: India Wrestles with Change is, quite simply, about an ancient civilization's reawakening to the spirit-and potential-of its youth. Following up on the success of India Unbound, which took up the process of India's transformation in the 1990s from a closed to an open economy, The Elephant Paradigm ranges over a vast area-covering subjects as varied as panchayati raj, national competitiveness, and the sacred and philosophical concerns of the average Indian consequent to India's entry into what the author calls the ´┐Żage of liberation'. While India may never roar ahead like the Asian tigers, Das argues, it will advance like a wise elephant, moving steadily and surely, pausing occasionally to reflect on its past and to enjoy the journey.