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While The Light Lasts
Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN: 9780010000000
Pages: 224
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The House of Dreams is the first story Agatha Christie ever wrote (during the First World War) and recounts the effects of a macabre recurring dream on a man's life. The Actress tells of a woman who turns the tables on her blackmailer, The Edge is a gripping tale of jealousy and infidelity, The Lonely God is an unlikely love story about two lost souls who meet in the British Museum, and Within a Wall tells of a tragic love triangle between a portrait painter, his wife and his daughter's godmother. Christmas Adventure and The Mystery of the Baghdad Chest see Hercule Poirot caught up in some unseasonal mayhem, and in Manx Gold, commissioned from Christie for a real-life treasure hunt on the Isle of Man in 1930, two young heroes race against time to discover buried treasure. The book concludes with While the Light Lasts, in which a Rhodesian tobacco plantation is the setting for an unexpected visitor from beyond the grave…