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The Adventure Of The Missing Dancing Girl
Author: Sunlia Gupte

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9788184000634
Pages: 224
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The year is 2500 BC: four high-spirited girls and boys Kartik, Xerxes, Namami, and Kaveri have set off from their home in Anantpur for the auspicious Surya Mela in Lothal, a port town in Meluhha (Bharat). But on the way a daring robbery takes place sacred treasures are stolen from Mohenjo-daro s temple, including the famous dancing girl statue and soon, they are caught up in its coils. Then in the city, they meet thirteen year old Amu Darya a boy from faraway Mesopotamia, a world utterly different from theirs. He is in search of his missing father, last seen in this part of the Indus Valley. The five become fast friends, and band together when they become entangled with forces much darker than they expected. Will the fearless fivesome succeed in foiling evil plans and upholding the honour of Mohenjo-daro?