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King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan
Author: Anupama Chopra

Publisher: Warner Books
ISBN: 0-446-58185-2
Pages: 250
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"The definitive book on Bollywood featuring Shah Rukh Khan, one of the biggest stars in this booming global film industry. Here is the astonishing true story of Bollywood, a sweeping portrait about a country finding its identity, a movie industry that changed the face of India, and one man's struggle to become a star. Shah Rukh Khanfs larger than life tale takes us through the colorful and idiosyncratic Bollywood movie industry, where fantastic dreams and outrageous obsessions share the spotlight with extortion, murder, and corruption. Shah Rukh Khan broke into this $1.5 billion business despite the fact that it has always been controlled by a handful of legendary film families and sometimes funded by black market money. As a Muslim in a Hindu majority nation,exulting in classic Indian cultural values, Shah Rukh Khan has come to embody the aspirations and contradictions of a complicated culture tumbling headlong into American style capitalism. His story is the mirror to view the greater Indian story and the underbelly of the culture of Bollywood. From Bombay Dreams to Monsoon Wedding to Bend It Like Beckham, Indian-themed entertainment has found a vast audience in the US; it is the perfect time for the first major book on the dazzling world of Bollywood. Bollywood produces as many as 200 films a year at reach 3.6 billion people. Shah Rukh Khan has been the #1 Bollywood star for the past 14 years. A full-color photo insert will feature the top stars in India, the colorful costumes, and the lush background that separate Bollywood from other fi lm styles. "