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Archie's Pals'n'gals Double Digest Magazine No -126
Author: NA

Publisher: ad Council
ISBN: 6281646952
Pages: 100
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Midge decided to take a break from her possessive boyfriend Moose - and Moose obliged! Now with Midge and Moose dating others, the once close-knit friends at Riverdale High are awash in turmoil! Even though he's taken Midge out on a few dates, Reggie is having second-thoughts as Midge is obviously missing Moose - and Reggie is missing the cat-and-mouse game he used to have so much fun playing with Moose! Does Reggie hold the key in getting Moose and Midge back together, or will his involvement only draw Midge closer to him? And what will Moose's new girlfriend Judy Johnson have to say about it? It's romantic intrigue served up in the 'realistic' art style that made both Betty and Veronica's Bad Boy Trouble and Jughead's Matchmakers some of the most talked about Archie stories in recent years!