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Archie's Pals'n'gals Double Digest Magazine No -122
Author: NA

Publisher: ad Council
ISBN: 0912846953
Pages: 100
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he cover and select interiors of this special issue are inked by legendary artist Joe Giella, who worked on such Golden Age characters as Fawcett's Captain Marvel, Timely/Marvel's Captain America, Sub Mariner, and the Human Torch, DC's Silver Age Batman, Green Lantern, and Adam Strange! When Archie and his friends get 'Bowled Over' by a gang of street toughs from using the local bowling alley, the two sides square off in a bowl-off for the right to play in the alley! Will Archie and his friends 'strike' out in victory, or end up in the 'gutter?' Ginger's cousin Martina wears her emotions on her sleeves, and on her slacks, and on her shoes, etc. in 'Cry Me A River!' Reggie tries to be 'Mr. Big' and proves once again that his ego puts the 'I' in 'The Archies!' Plus, other new and classic tales!