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Bangkok Tattoo
Author: John Burdett

Publisher: Corgi Books
ISBN: 978-0-552-15471-0
Pages: 442
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From the author of the best sellerBangkok 8, a head-spinning new novel that puts us back in the company of the inimitable Royal Thai Police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep. We return to District 8-the underbelly of Bangkok's underworld-where a dramatically mutilated dead body is found. It's bad: he was CIA. It gets worse: the murderer appears to be Chanya-a tough, sweet working girl who's the highest earner at The Old Man's Club, jointly owned by Sonchai's mother and his boss, Police Colonel Vikorn. Alerted by Sonchai, Vikorn quickly concocts a cover-up that involves Al Qaeda and Thailand's porous southern border where, since 9/11, the CIA has been an obviously covert presence. But the truth will be harder to come by, and it will require Sonchai to find an ever-more-delicate balance between his ambition and his Buddhism, while running the gamut of Bangkok's drug dealers, prostitutes, bad cops, worse military, and the pitfalls of his own melting heart (Chanya!)-most of which he can handle. But even Sonchai is not prepared for what he discovers at the end of his investigation. Piercingly smart and funny, densely atmospheric, and-as we already know to expect from John Burdett-packing a surprise at every turn,Bangkok Tattoois sensational.