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Questions & answers on Pregnancy
Author: Nautan Pandit

Publisher: Rupa & Co
ISBN: 9788129111104
Pages: 176
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" Pregnancy is a momentous occasion in a woman’s life. However, the elation is soon overridden by a wave of anxieties and irrational fears, and the daydreams evaporate as one strives to handle the complexities of impending motherhood. Getting informed is the first step to keep yourself and your baby healthy, for one often misses out on the dos and don’ts in the happy haze of motherhood.

Written by Nutan Pandit, the expert on natural childbirth, this book is a rich resource, giving the facts and the low-down on all aspects of childbearing, answering questions on conception, labour, breastfeeding, precautions, exercises, dedication and diet that are related to the prenatal and postnatal delivery period. Information packed, readable and reassuring, the book is a helpful resource guide, covering an array of options available to expectant mothers. This book also offers invaluable information on the alternative systems of medicines for would-be-mothers. A reliable companion, this book prepares you to face the changes and challenges of the precious nine months of pregnancy and thereafter.

About the Author
Nutan Pandit is a graduate in sociology from Mumbai University. Therefore she did a diploma in journalism and has been freelancing for various magazines. She was converted to the faith when breathing practices helped her have two easy childbirths. She started taking natural childbirth classes in 1978. She is an associate of the National Childbirth Trust, UK. A breastfeeding counselor of the breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, she runs the Nutan Pandit Lamaze Program for childbirth.

She has taught at the Ganga Ram Hospital, Fortis La Femme and private nursing homes. She has also visited France, in 1981, when immersion of the mother in water during labour was beginning to be practiced by Dr M. Odent."