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Enchanted World: Pinx and the Ring of Midnight - 4
Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: Egmont
ISBN: 9781405252874
Pages: 154
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" Picking up where the hugely successful ""Faraway Tree"" series left off, the inhabitants of the Enchanted Wood face the biggest threat to their existence yet - the death of the Faraway tree!Magical, mystical and completely loveable, the ""Enchanted World"" series follows the adventures of five fairies brought together to save the Faraway tree by regaining the lost Talismans that provide its life force.Pinx and the Ring of Midnight: The Faraway fairies are doing well on their quest to retrieve the lost Talismans, but in their fourth adventure they face their biggest test so far- in the Land of the Giants. Racing against time is hard enough, but battling against people with size 99 feet is almost impossible. Action, danger, comedy and romance come together with lashings of pink in this exciting adventure. But can the five friends regain the Ring of Midnight before the evil troll Talon gets his claws on it?