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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex: But Were Afraid To Ask
Author: David Reuben

Publisher: Bantam Books
Pages: 436
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You weren't afraid to ask for it-and now it's back, in an updated edition with more than 95% new material
With more 30 million copies in print in over fifty countries, this #1 bestselling classic is the most popular book on human sexuality of all time-and with good reason. Dr. David Reuben's frank, compassionate, often humorous language-backed with solid, up-to-the-minute medical and scientific research-puts readers at ease, allowing them to explore and improve their own sexuality in amazing new ways. In this extraordinary new edition, presented in an accessible Q&A format and revised to include today's hottest topics, Dr. Reuben sheds astounding new light on:
* Sexual intercourse, masturbation and other sexual acts
* Impotence, frigidity, and other sexual dysfunctions - their various causes and how they're treated
* Birth control - all the forms on the market and how well they work
* Sexually transmitted diseases - what they are and how to avoid them
* Menopause - hot flashes, hormones, and how to thrive during this change of life
* "September sex" - why we need it more as we age and how to enjoy sex despite certain physical constraints
* Alternative lifestyles, infidelity, plastic surgery for the genitalia, and much more