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The World is Curved
Author: David M. Smick

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
ISBN: 9780462099774
Pages: 320
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Why did a relatively minor problem in the US subprime mortgage market nearly collapse the entire global financial system? Financial insider David Smick argues that the Credit Crunch exposed a thicket of hidden problems that is now threatening the entire global economy. Global financial markets have become a giant cauldron of uncertainty. Central bankers are losing power; China is out of control; pensions and money market funds are at risk; and worldwide class warfare and protectionism are rising. Today s raging financial system is a house of cards a lot closer to collapsing than most people realise. Picking up from where Thomas L. Friedman s The World is Flat left off, Smick focuses on the globalisation of finance and how today s risky and bumpy environment came about. He provides an insider s perspective on the financial crisis and the potential nightmare scenarios of the future. The subprime crisis was just the beginning...