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Chhota Bheem: Shivani Ka Dhaba
Author: Mr.Arun Shendurnikar

Publisher: Green Gold Animation Pvt. Ltd
Pages: 30
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On receiving a letter from his sister Shivani, who reuns a Dhaba in pehalwanpur, chhota Bheem rushes to meet her. Once there, he finds that Shivani is in need of help to release her father from the prison and also save her Dhaba from Dabba pehalwan - the local goon. Dabbu pehalwan - the local goon. Dabbu pehalwan troubles and warns shivani that he would shut the dhaba down. readalong as Chhota Bheem fights & defeats Dabbu pehalwan and how he alongs with his friends make 500 coins to release Shivani`s father from jail. Happy reading!