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Innovate : 90 Days to Transform Your Business
Author: Dr. Rekha Shetty

Publisher: Penguin Portfolio
ISBN: 9780143065760
Pages: 246
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‘Practise the steps outlined in Innovate! for 90 days and become an innovation star.’

Constant and consistent innovation is the only sure-fire way to profitability, but many organizations are limited by the lack of an innovation culture. Innovate! 90 Days to Transform Your Business is the answer to this problem, allowing you to build a culture of innovation which embraces everyone from the doorman to the chairman.

A daily implementation schedule, Innovate! will give you step-by-step ideas for yourself, your team, your department, and your organization. Start today and see the difference you can make.

This 90-day plan will help you:

*Create a climate which empowers everyone in the company to achieve their full potential

*Launch an initiative which will invigorate the whole organization.

*Build young, proactive commando teams, or innovation spirals, trained to think outside the box.

*Inspire team leaders to transform their departments, and the organization, through their youthful, proactive ideas.

*Develop a daily plan to institutionalize innovation and establish long-term culture change.

A practical, do-it-yourself toolkit, Innovate! should be required reading for everyone in your organization. Be inspired–innovate!