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The Regency:Lords & Ladies Collection The Regency No : 13
Author: Helen Dickson & joanna Maitland

Publisher: Mills & Boon
ISBN: 9780263851052
Pages: 592
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The rake had lost his memory...Beautiful widow Amanda Clare woke up in a strange bed, lying next to a tall, dark, very handsome stranger! Knocked out in a stagecoach accident, they'd been rescued and it had been assumed that they were married - reason enough to put them to bed in the same room! Amanda had no idea who the man was - but, intriguingly, neither did he! The obviously wealthy gentleman had lost his memory, and was without two guineas in his pocket. Now Amanda felt obliged to take the gorgeous stranger under her wing - and continue the pretence that they were man and wife.

The Dutiful Rake by Elizabeth Rolls
The Earl of Rutherford was used to flirting with scandal. But when an act of charity placed his charge's spotless reputation in jeopardy, Marcus knew he must do the honorable thing. There was no point in pretending he was in love. So in return for Miss Marguerite Fellowes's discretion and children, the earl offered his name and protection.

Then Marcus watched as proud Meg blossomed in London society. Meg's smile was perhaps the loveliest he'd ever seen, and the glow in her eyes made him feel wildly out of control. Tantalized by her evident passion for life, the dutiful rake soon found himself consumed by far from innocent desires