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Guinness World Records 2004
Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN: 9780553587128
Pages: 576
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From the world's fastest man to the world's fastest caterpillar, the largest pizza order to the largest chocolate bar--5,026 lbs.--GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS is the most complete, authoritative, and exciting guide to every record, statistic, and feat of human endeavor and natural wonder imaginable. And it's packed with exciting photos to back them up!


*The fastest piece of furniture in the world is a motorized sofa with a top speed of 87 mph
*The 650-volt shock produced by an electric eel is powerful enough to stun an adult human or light an electric light bulb
*The longest fingernail ever grown was 2 feet 3 inches long
*Cameron Diaz is the world's top-earning actress, with estimated earnings of $40 million in 2001

And that's only the beginning! Dive into the awe-inspiring, newly expanded Guinness World Records 2004 and discover a feast of fascinating facts in a range of subject areas, from entertainment and sports to technology and science. Animal, vegetable, or mineral, if it's occurred and been recorded, you'll find it here.?