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Chicken Soup For The Mother And Daughter Soul
Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Westland Limited
ISBN: 9788187671374
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There is a special bond between a mother and her daughter. Sometimes fragile and tenuous but at once as enduring as the Rockies, it is a relationship that is neither static nor shallow. It is evolving and forever - a deep and eternal wellspring.
In her daughter, a mother sees her hopes and expectations; fulfillment, perhaps, of her dreams and a journey down the road not taken. From her first breath, a daughter opens new vistas for her mother to reach beyond herself. In her mother, a daughter sees her foundation; her history and the lives of all those women who came before her. She sees herself and understands what it means to be a woman.
In this remarkable collection, you will read stories of love and courage, loss and reunion, sacrifice ad redemption and everyday caring. Whether you are a new mom in awe of your daughter's first step, or a seasoned mom who has just caught yourself saying "Because I said so!"; a sixteen-year-old who can't understand why your mom doesn't want you to drive, or a forty-year-old who finally figured out why your mother sacrificed her career to be with her kids, you will be touched and inspired by these heartwarming stories that illuminate the mother/daughter relationship.
This extraordinary book will open your eyes anew to the most special women in your life.