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Dr.Jensen’s Juicing Therapy,Nature’s Way To Better Health & A Longer Life
Author: Dr. Bernard Jensen

Publisher: Ntc Publishing Group
ISBN: 9788176492287
Pages: 232
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This update of a classic work is the culmination of Dr. Bernard Jensen’s years of study on the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juices. Through numerous consultations and successful treatments with hundreds of patients, Dr. Jensen has proved that juices are the fastest method for getting necessary vitamins, minerals, and enzymes into our bodies. He believes that a daily intake of juices-as a supplement to your regular foods-will provide an extraordinary boost to your health and well-being. Featuring a comprehensive analytical food guide and over 100 delicious, easy-to-make juice recipes, this book also includes information on juices for babies and children and a comprehensive section on blending. Whether you are ill or simply interested in taking a more active role in enhancing your health, Dr. Jensen’s Juicing Therapy can be your guide towards rejuvenation and healing.