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Python Pocket Reference
Author: Mark Lutz

Publisher: Oreilly
ISBN: 9788184048506
Pages: 226
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"This is the book to reach for when you're coding on the fly and need an answer now. It's an easy-to-use reference to the core language, with descriptions of commonly used modules and toolkits, and a guide to recent changes, new features, and upgraded built-ins -- all updated to cover Python 3.x as well as version 2.6. You'll also quickly find exactly what you need with the handy index.
Written by Mark Lutz, who is widely recognized as today's leading Python trainer, Python Pocket Reference, Fourth Edition, is the perfect companion to O'Reilly's classic Python tutorials, Learning Python and Programming Python.
This edition covers:Built-in object types, including numbers, lists, dictionaries, and more
Statements and syntax for creating and processing objects
Functions and modules for structuring and reusing code
Python's object-oriented programming tools
The exception-handling model
Built-in functions, exceptions, and attributes
Special operator overloading methods
Widely used standard library modules and extensions
Command-line options and development tools
Python idioms and hintsAbout the Author
Mark Lutz is the world leader in Python training, the author of Python's earliest and best-selling texts, and a pioneering figure in the Python community since 1992. He is also the author of O'Reilly's Programming Python, Python Pocket Reference, and Learning Python (all in 4th Editions). Mark can be reached on the web at"