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Blue Genes, Clean Break
Author: Val Mcdermid

Publisher: Grafton
ISBN: 9780007734115
Pages: 344
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Blue Genes: "A fast-paced joyride that swoops and curves past (or right over) the villains with barely a pause . . . readers will happily keep up, even if it leaves them a little breathless."-Publishers Weekly

Kate Brannigan is having a bad week, and she can't even cry on her best friend's shoulder, for Alexis has worries of her own. Her girlfriend Chris is pregnant, and when the doctor responsible for the illegal fertility treatment is murdered, Alexis needs Kate like she never has before. Clean Break: "A cleanly written, fast-paced escapade. Cut from the same cloth as Kinsey Millhone... this tale jumps out of the gate at top speed."-Publishers Weekly
Kate Brannigan goes head to head with organized crime when a routine industrial case starts leaving a trail of bodies across the northwest, forcing Kate to confront hard truths in her own life.