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The Great Indian Middle Class
Author: Pavan K Varma

Publisher: penguine
ISBN: 9780143103257
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Book Summary of The Great Indian Middle Class
[An] erudite, thoughtful, perceptive and elegantly written study’—Hindustan Times

In this powerful and insightful critique, the author examines the evolution of the Indian middle class during the twentieth century, especially since Independence. He shows us how the middle class, guided by self-interest, is becoming increasingly insensitive to the plight of the underprivileged, and how economic liberalization has only heightened its tendency to withdraw from anything that does not relate directly to its material well-being.

An essential read, this fresh edition updated with a new introduction analyses the transformation of the middle class in the decade since 1997 and seeks to reconcile the seemingly dichotomous aspects of our economy and polity.
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