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Manik and I: My Life with Satyajit Ray

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143416258
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A montage of memories from the world of a remarkable couple

It is unusual to come across a life so rich in varied experiences as the one that Bijoya Ray, wife and constant companion to the renowned film-maker Satyajit Ray, has lived. Despite being closely related, SatyajitManik to his friends and familyand Bijoya fell in love and embarked on a life together years before Rays groundbreaking film Pather Panchali was made, and their long, happy married life lasted right until Rays death in 1992.

Bijoya Ray never felt the urge to write her memoirs, but was finally persuaded to pick up the pen when she was well into her eighties. Manik and I brims over with hitherto unknown stories of her life with Satyajit Ray, told in candid, vivid detail.