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Catching Fire: The Hunger Games (Book - 2)
Author: Suzanne Collins

Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9788184774009
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Everything in District 12 has changed drastically after the 74th Hunger Games. As Katniss and Peeta prepare to begin the customary victory tour that they are bound to take, President Snow visits Katniss’ home and while admonishing her for her audacious and disregardful deeds in the previous Games, also implicitly threatens the lives of their families. Their primary stop is District 11, where Katniss and Peeta end up violating the boundaries of convention, which again triggers agitation. In the efforts to make their love look genuine, Peeta proposes to Katniss in public, but Katniss isn’t sure that the people trust them anymore.

There is a scent of rebellion in the air and as Katniss arrives home, she perceives that her mockingjay now seems to be a symbol of defiance and an identification mark for all those who desire a revolution. Meanwhile, security forces around all the districts tighten their hold with electric fences, in order to prevent any kind of escape. As Katniss manages to get into the woods for some peace and quiet, she encounters two outlaws from District 8, who claim to be in search of District 13, which they say, has been rebuilt.

A few months later, to Katniss’s horror, the 75th Hunger Games is announced with a special feature called the Quarter Quell, a contest for the victors from the previous games. Once again she and Peeta begin formulating plans and assessing other tributes.

During the interviews, Katniss and Peeta create a sensation by announcing that they are married and that Katniss is now pregnant. Cinna designs a dress for Katniss, which transforms into a mockingjay, for which he is brutally assaulted later.

Will Katniss and Peeta survive the games for a second time? Will the revolution take off and will the Capitol be captured?

Catching Fire: Hunger Games (Book - 2) takes over the story from the first book and leads the readers onto the final book in the series. The book was released on September 1, 2009, and falls under the genre of Science Fiction. It received mainly positive reviews and has over 750,000 copies in print. The book won the Best Book of the Year award in the year 2009 from Publishers Weekly and its film adaptation is expected to release on November 22, 2013.