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Author: Ashapurna Devi

Publisher: Ananda Publishers
ISBN: 9788172930028
Pages: 438
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Subarnalata tells the story of one woman’s lonely struggle in search of her identity, amid overwhelmingly orthodox individuals and mindsets.

Summary Of The Book

Subarnalata is a period novel set against the backdrop of Indian independence. It highlights the life of Subarnalata, a gutsy female who fights to earn the same rights and respect that are unquestioningly awarded to her male counterparts.

Subarnalata, or Subarno, is married into an orthodox Bengali family at the young age of nine. Her mother, Satyabati, daringly abandons her family in protest of this regressive step.

Then begins Subarno’s long and lonely struggle to be acknowledged as a worthy individual in a household full of extremely orthodox ideologies and practices. Every step of the way, she is criticized, humiliated, and isolated by her suspicious husband and rigid in-laws.

But Subarno is not a scared and submissive woman. She has inherited a progressive mindset and tremendous courage from her loving mother. She puts both to good use, and slowly but surely brings about small, yet significant changes in her new household, the staunch opposition of her in-laws notwithstanding.

Subarno’s entire life is spent in the quest of her identity. Despite the never-ending stream of obstacles blocking her path, she forges ahead to fight for her rights, respect, and individuality. Unfortunately, her truly life-changing courage and progressive actions are not recognized for what they are. Like most people who are born ahead of their time, she seems destined to live a life steeped in rejection, neglect, and humiliation.

Subarnalata was first published in 1967. It is a part of the author’s trilogy on the subject of women’s rights. This edition is a 2011 reprint of the original Bengali version.