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Adventures Of Tintin :Tintin And Broken Ear
Author: Hergé

Publisher: Euro
ISBN: 9781405206174
Pages: 62
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The book begins in a museum setting, where a Native American statue has been stolen. However, the next day, the statue is found back in it’s original location in the museum, with a note indicating that it was only a childish bet that resulted in it’s theft, apologizing for the trouble caused.

Although the museum personnel and police don’t find anything wrong with the statue, Tintin notices that the replaced statue does not have a broken ear, similar to the one that was stolen. This causes him to probe into the case and search for the maker of the statue. However, it reaches his ears that the man who made the statue has died as a result of gas leakage, and the only other creature to survive the leak is his pet parrot. Tintin later finds out that the man was murdered, and that the gas leakage was only a camouflage.

The story begins to take a turn when Tintin learns about Alonso Perez and Ramon Bada, a South American duo with the same goal as himself, and they set off on a race to find the statue. Both Tintin and the duo eventually reach South America.

After a series of unfortunate events that nearly kill Tintin, he eventually comes to know the secret behind the statue through a note in Alonso’s wallet, which originally belonged to Tortilla, the man who stole the statue from the museum. Will Tintin find the lost statue before the South American men get their hands on it? And will the statue be safely returned to the museum?

The book goes on to answer these questions and takes readers through an entertaining ride down South American jungles, with some volatile political situations, interesting characters, and tricky situations thrown into the mix. Herge also adds a dash of satire while portraying the political developments in the story’s background.