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Never Go Back :Jack Reacher Book 18
Author: Lee Child

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780593065754
Pages: 440
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After an epic and interrupted journey all the way from the snows of South Dakota, Jack Reacher has finally made it to Virginia. His destination: a sturdy stone building a short bus ride from Washington D.C. The headquarters of his old unit, the 110th MP. It was the closest thing to a home he ever had. Why? He wants to meet the new commanding officer, Major Susan Turner. He liked her voice on the phone. But the officer sitting behind Reacher's old desk is not a woman. Why is Susan Turner not there? What Reacher doesn't expect is what comes next. He himself is in big trouble, accused of a sixteen-year-old homicide. And he certainly does not expect to hear these words You are back in the army Major. And your ass is mine. Will he be sorry he went back? Or will someone else?